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Is this some kind of joke?

This is what was mailed for my follow up yesterday (March 22, 2013) from bank officer.

I am following up on this daily with the concerned team.
Due to some technical error we are unable to do the reversal. I will surely get this done asap.

This is what was mailed in reply yesterday (March 22, 2013) before & after having a voice conversation & being at the receiving end for no cause as usual.


In regards with the following matter If it’s delayed further with no resolution, I would be forced to approach Grievance Cell Immediately. Please look into it so that It’s resolved at earliest.


I would like to state my my concern once again and for all that I don’t enroll for any communication or policies/services where there’s risk of manhandle deliveries on addresses that get me in trouble the way it had in my past. This is happening for few years now & since then I don’t opt for physical mailing options & rely on convenient electronic mediums. This experience has made me a wise banker. I hope this further clarifies & is respected & stop any offending attempts of personal refunds.


The refund amount has been paid to you by cheque & the same has been despatched dated 06.03.2013

Policy has been cancelled already & refunded.

blah blah blah …..

Does not it all point towards making me a victim? How are you going to justify? With another dirt treatment?